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TheNewgroundsPodcast's News

Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - April 18th, 2021

Our interview with Stinky Steve is out :0




Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - April 3rd, 2021

What's good everyone!

Corey here with the weekly NGP update! As you may have seen, we have our latest episode uploaded to our page! @Will, @PsychoGoldfish, @Xin and myself got together and had ourselves a nice hangout session last Saturday. It was extremely fun because it was the first time we collectively had the chance to sit down and just chat on an episode in quite some time! We definitely want to have more episodes like that where we catch up and talk to you guys as well! Goldy brought up a solid idea during the episode which I wouldn't mind doing. The concept was to interview one of the hosts for a full episode, and the fans get to ask any questions they want answered! It would be a great way for the fans to learn more about us. Those episodes would be a version of our chill, hangout sessions :) Let us know what you think about this idea, or your opinions on the casual episodes in general! We want them to be fun and entertaining for you guys! Go listen if you missed the live recording!

Okay, I do want to address the elephant in the room as well. Sooooo, Thursday was April 1st as you're all aware and we had ourselves another exhilarating episode. There were wild interviews with wacky guests and you had the chance to find out what we purchased with the Patreon money throughout 2020 (Thank you David for being an ass and exposing our dirty laundry). The real kicker though was our amazing interview with the pebble man himself, Zach Hadel! It may have been short lived, and he was kind of a dick to us, but we had him on the show regardless! XD We're all aware that you were upset about the short interview and having the episode dragged out for so long, but hey, what can you do! XD


The Zach interview was of course an April Fools joke and we thank all of you for being good sports about it. We really do love how the episode turned out this year and we really hope you enjoyed the silly interviews as well! The Halloween episode we put on last year was extremely fun so we wanted to have another episode like that. Needless to say, we had some solid laughs and hilarious content to make for a good April Fools special. Big shout outs to the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collab members who joined the show and provided us with some big laughs! @NickSenny, @CutToTheChase, @squidwardtesticles and @Proceed, y'all were terrific! One big final shout out to the voice behind our Zach, @HarpyCarp came in CLUTCH with an awesome impression of Zach. He was slated to be on the show live, but a change in his schedule prevented that from happening. He was still able to put some audio samples together so we could pull off the joke. Thank you so much for helping out man! We should have the episode uploaded early next week for those who missed the live recording.

We're going to make this promise to you guys now though, we are going to try as hard as we can to get the real Zach Hadel on. Surprisingly, he liked Xin's fake tweet earlier in the day XD So there may be a chance that we can get him on the show one day? Here's to hoping ha! We're also reaching out to get other guests that you know and love on the show. I'm personally trying to persuade @RomeoJR of Sick Animation to come on the show, but he's being a big tease as usual. I pulled out the big guns of talking shit on Cruella Deville just to get him interested. Trying to get him to bite! While we're waiting on word from him, why don't you go check out his latest animation 'Horse Tails!'

If there's any segment ideas you would think would be good for the show, let us know in our Discord server!


One final thing, for those who do celebrate the holiday, Happy Easter! Enjoy the weekend everyone and we'll see you on the airwaves soon!




Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - March 26th, 2021


After a controversial moment on the latest episode of The Newgrounds Podcast, in which notable public figure @TomFulp made remarks about Spaghetti being "boring" and encouraged others to join him in disparaging the classic Italian dish, the International Society of Spaghetti has taken legal action. As of today they have pledged to sue the website for approximately $1,948,230, or quote, "a dollar for every noodle uneaten due to this unnecessary slander". Will the matter be settled out of court, or will Fulp be forced to, as the saying goes, put his money where his mouth is? Stay tuned to NGP for continuing updates on this spicy meat-a-ball of a story.

Update: Fulp has issued a statement on the matter:


More news unlikely to follow.

A bit of slowness after St. Pattie's, but we're not gone!

Hey guys, Will here. It's been a little slow this week, in one part because our last "episode" was the St. Patrick's Day stream that apparently lasted four hours. I'm jealous of everyone who got to participate in that. i think I popped in for a second, but for the most part I had to sit out due to a mysterious little rock that decided to make a road trip from Kidney City to Peepee Village. I have to say this journey has so far been Not Fun™, but hopefully it'll be done soon and I can go back to making podcasts and stuff without thinking about it!

If you're reading this on the day I'm posting it (Fri 3/26), then I can tell you we'll be hosting a little casual recording this weekend. I'm looking forward to it! If you're reading this after it's already happened: How was it?

Okay that's all, happy Newgroundsing!



Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - March 19th, 2021

Yo, man, what up, yo.

It's ya boi, @Xinxinix, here with another whacky wild crazy zany Friday update from our family here at NGP to yours.

*big cough, big cough*


This episode had taken a while to edit because we said some controversial things that should never see the light of day and will likely haunt us all as we wake up out of dead sleep in a cold sweat trying to avoid what happened the day of the interview. If you weren't there for the live show, just know, you were spared...

Jk, you missed out, loser *winky face*

Great interview, great guest, so peep that episode if you haven't already.

~ St. Patties Day ~

In the spirit of Lucky Charms and binge drinking (mutually exclusive) @PsychoGoldfish, @BillPremo, @Jacob, @Spadezer, Oda Nobunaga, and myself got together and talked absolute nonsense for 4 hours. Josh deleted TheNewgroundsPodcast, recited the absolute lore of St Patties, and his wife vocalized her undying dislike towards my consistent genocide of her character in Among Us. At one point everyone was doing a "Xin" impression as I drew crappy fan art of everyone in chat while holding myself together to keep from deeply sobbing. Bill Premo educated us all on why Oda Nobunaga got snuffed for not being accredited as the first person to ever do a kickflip over Mt. Fuji, and Jacob and Spadezer talked with @KawaiSprite about why sh*tting out music and not overthinking it is the key to success.

Overall, a very (un)productive way to spend four hours.

Also, @Bacun was there and earned Bill's seal of approval for best Zoomer Artist of 2021.

Next year, I'd like to suggest we do a voice chat version of Twister.

We are not editing this episode, and it will forever live in obscurity.


Speaking of editing, @Will is going to be editing the Flash Foward Jam episode and will hopefully have it done by Monday so you can hear Tom's angelic voice and Johnny Utah's too-tired-for-this accent.


NGP will no longer be editing the episodes to polished-level quality. We believe that our real charm lies in the live shows and there is less of a point to be editing the aftermath of the real event to any actual quality.

And also because YouTube has drained my energy when it comes to spending time uploading as much as we did.

That being said, we love our patrons, and as the patron Saint of Alcohol, Josh said he's willing to do more live shows if it means drinking with more of the folks we call "regulars" on NGP.

idk, that's us, that's you, and we're NGP.

Join the Discord, you fools.



Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - March 12th, 2021


@PsychoGoldfish here with your Friday update! Man we have been busy here on the podcast.

Last week @Xinxinix and I got to hang out with @heyopc and talk about his rap career, amongst other things. Dude is cool as hell, and you should definitely check out his work (which is jam packed with collaborations with other great NG'ers).

That episode is taking a little longer to release because we got really sidetracked and needed to give it a lot of extra editing, but look for it VERY SOON!

Last night, I had @TomFulp and @JohnnyUtah (until he got bored of nerd talk and bailed on us) on as co-hosts as we talked to a bunch of participants from the Flash Forward Game Jam.

It was a multi-part interview where we talked with @Dungeonation, @BrandyBuizel, @Butzbo, @D-Sun, @Matt-Likes-Swords, @BoMToons and @BillPremo about their experiences with the jam, reminiscing about Flash and considering what Ruffle means for the future for Flash developers.

@Xinxinix popped in for the second half of the show with a bunch more questions, and turned it into a double-length episode!

After the show, there was a pretty good hang with some other Q&A, so if you weren't there live, YOU MISSED OUT! DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

We did have a pretty large crowd. More people than I could count tuned in via our Discord, and we had a second, smaller crowd watching via our YouTube channel, where we decided to simulcast for the first time!

If you want to learn a little more abut the Flash Forward Jam, both @BoMToons and @Dungeonation have some fun post mortems on their news pages you should check out!

You should also check out ALL of the Jam games! I have it on good authority the winners will be announced VERY soon.

Next week is going to be a banger too. Sunday is the deadline for the Friday Night Funkin' Animation Jam, and we've already got a TON of awesome submissions.

Wednesday is St Patrick's Day. Last year we threw a spontaneous episode together while all the hosts (except that lame-ass @ninjamuffin99) got drunk. That was actually MY first appearance as a host, so THIS IS MY ANIVERSAY!!! Will it happen again this year? WHO KNOWS?!?!?!


Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - March 5th, 2021

Hey there everyone! @VoicesByCorey here with the Friday NGP update! Holy cow, February was an AWESOME month for content on NGP. @Xinxinix and I closed out the month with a killer interview with the one and only @RicePirate! Heading into the episode, Mick informed us he was a bit tired from working on Blood Sun Vendetta (Which you should go and watch if you haven't yet, what's wrong with you?!), but by the end, he was spritely from the conversation. Xin and I promised we would energize him and we accomplished our mission XD

Go watch BSV: Ch. 002!

Blood Sun Vendetta: Chapter 002

For me, it was an amazing experience chatting with Mick. He's an inspiration and encouraged me to pursue voice acting again. Getting the chance to talk voice acting methods, and industry, with him was really cool. Hearing his process of animating BSV all by himself was inspirational. Take the time to go listen to the episode when you have the time!

Tonight! Xin and @PsychoGoldfish will be chatting it up with the Newgrounds rap legend @heyopc! They'll be discussing his latest album 'Here We Go' and lots of other topics! It'll definitely be a fun episode! You guys and gals who join the live show should get the crew to create a song on the spot! :D Tune in on our Discord server tonight at 9 PM EST!


Next Thursday, Goldy and a slew of guests will be holding a Flash Forward Game Jam recap episode! You don't want to miss this episode because it will be a cavalcade of fun and will include a LEGNEDARY guest. Yes, that's right, GoryBlizzard will be on to talk about fec...okay, we may need to discuss that further Goldy...Anyway, March is looking to be another excellent month for NGP and we hope you join us for every episode!

One more thing before I sign off, we want to give a shout out to our newest Patreon supporter @Commanderken8! Thank you for supporting the podcast, we really appreciate it!

Take care everyone!

P.S. I'm @Will just so he doesn't feel left out XD

~ ~ ~


Want to support the show? We are launching a Patreon! The money collected there will be used to pay for content in the show, host more events, pay artists for promo art, and more. Our goal is to elevate the whole community.


Theme Music

Waterflame - -Gabberfly-




Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - February 26th, 2021


Yo, @PsychoGoldfish here with your Friday update. NGP has been killing it with a ton of great Interviews this month, and we're ending February with a bang (as you can see by the image above)!

Last weekend, I had the privilege of hanging out with @allmightyhans, @eiomaru, @tomamoto and DexTheSwede to hear about all the things they went through to bring Mutt & Chopps to life. We even got teased about some live action Madness stuff that will be coming out soon (and we'll have Hans and Chase back to talk about it!).

You can catch that interview right here on Newgrounds:

Episode 42, where @xinxinix and I got to hang with the creators of Mad Sister's Week Off , is now up on the tubes:

But the best is yet to come!

TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST, @VoicesByCorey and @Xinxinix are going to be chatting live with @Ricepirate, on our Discord Server. Mick just released chapter 2 of his kickass Blood Sun Vendetta series, and the boys want to know all the juicy details about it.

You never know what little tidbits and gaffs will end up on the cutting room floor, so you should definitely try and catch this interview live on our Discord Server @ https://bit.ly/ngpdiscord.

We're still planning some shows for March, but we'll likely be having a fun hangout episode soon, where we get caught up on NG happenings, and play some games. I'll also be getting some people together to talk about the Flash Forward Game Jam (which I am currently scrambling to finish a submission for). And of course, if this year is anything like last year, there may even be some St. Patrick's Day shenanigans.

Follow us on all of our goddamn platforms to make sure you don't miss any of these upcoming events!

~ ~ ~


Want to support the show? We are launching a Patreon! The money collected there will be used to pay for content in the show, host more events, pay artists for promo art, and more. Our goal is to elevate the whole community.


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Waterflame - -Gabberfly-




Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - February 19th, 2021

Hey everyone, @Will here with another round of FRIDAY MORNING NEWSPOSTIN'.

I remember at the beginning of the month, we were all like, "Hey, we should reach our feelers out a bit and wrangle up some cool guests and segments, remember how we only posted two episodes in January and one was kind of just a recap one?" So we all finished our meeting and said "BREAK!" and went off to schedule a kickass February. And now, at the two-thirds point of this short month, I can safely say we're killing it.

First off, @VoicesByCorey and I's recent interview episode with @SrPelo was a blast. Like I wrote in the author's notes, he's just the coolest guy and talking to him about literally anything is super fun. (Besides the obvious stuff, we talked about the following and more: hot weather, tee ball, drawing naked, shitpost Twitter, milk, dancing, dildos, Arin Hanson, shrimp, and sleeping with plushies. Also Corey auditioned to be an understudy for Mokey. Break a leg, Corey. Drink plenty of milk.)

After editing and releasing the episode, I'm really stoked to see it do so well, but I mean, it's Pelo we're talking about here. Dude's got a more enthusiastic and supportive fanbase than friggin Justin Beiber. Is that a dated reference yet? IDK.

Here's the episode on NG and YT:

Do you like the YouTube thumbnail art? I took the chance a few days ago to make a nice thumbnail template for interview episodes. I'm probably gonna go back and re-thumbnail some of bigger episodes from the past. Or maybe all of them? I probably need to make a thumbnail template for non-interview eps too. That's the thing about projects like NGP, man, you tackle one project and three more sprout in its place. Like a hydra. Hail Hydra.

ANYWAY. Right after we recorded with Pelo, @Xinxinix was suddenly like, "Hey, I'm getting the dev team from this game called MAD SISTERS' WEEK OFF to be on a recording this Sunday!"

And @PsychoGoldfish was like, "I'm in!" And just like that, we had ourselves a double header show weekend.

That recording was apparently also a blast, and the episode is now available here:

As with all episodes, the Newgrounds version is here first. Episodes always go to NG first (home team represent) and then filter through to your favorite podcast platforms a few hours later, a day tops. Then the video is generated and we get the YouTube version up two or three days after the initial release.

And finally, what's next? Well you're not gonna have to wait long for more content, because PsychoGoldfish just announced his own interview episode that's gonna be recording LIVE tomorrow (2/20) at 4:00pm EST:


He'll be chatting with @AlmightyHans, @Eiomaru and @TomaMoto, who are together responsible for the live-action apocalyptic adventure MUTT and CHOPPS:

That's gonna be fun. I know PsychoGoldfish already has a fun relationship with these guys, so I'm looking forward to them coming together and bantering about whatever. They might even get to talking about MUTT and CHOPPS.

Remember, we tell you the date and time of these recordings because we're inviting you to be in the audience! All episodes are recorded LIVE on our Discord server.

One more thing before I'm off: tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of NGP's first episode!


That's wild to me. Also, look at that temp podcast logo that's clearly ripping off NPR:



Just went through the old episodes, and it looks like we used this up until Episode #10 with Scumhouse. Lol.

Well, that's all for now! Enjoy the show with Hans and the gang this weekend, and stay tuned!



Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - February 12th, 2021

Hey guys, @Xinxinix here!

NGP is stepping its game up and that means weekly news posts, upload schedules, backlog episodes, and an ever-flowing roster of guests to mine information and Newgrounds-related sentiment from.

What does this mean going forward? I dunno, I guess the show is planned to grow and increase in quality. I'll probably have to get a better voice-recording program and we might increase in segments which will hopefully lead to better entertainment for you, the audience.

Speaking of which, do you have any feedback? Are there segments you'd personally like to see? Newgrounds audio reviews? Game reviews? Reviews of reviews?? Maybe you'd like to make something and have us throw it into an episode?

Or maybe you just wanna hear the @SrPelo interview @Will and @VoicesByCorey did yesterday? It was at 9pm EST, and if you missed it, then you're fresh outta luck until Monday's upload!

Our typical schedule is starting to look like:

  • Interviews between Thur-Sun more than likely late in the day
  • Uploaded to Newgrounds on Mondays and elsewhere by Wednesday
  • Friday news posts


So, yeah, join the Discord if you haven't already.

@meatcanyon's episode is available here on NG and won't be available until tomorrow for YouTube (due to technical difficulties) but we're everywhere else like Spotify and etc!

If you ever thought meatcanyon wasn't personable, then you should probably bop yourself on the top of your head. Or maybe just take the closest folding chair, open it, and fall over it. Or don't do any of those things because I don't want to be responsible for NGP's first PR team.

What's next?

We have a lot of cool names on the upcoming interview roster, but let's talk about MAD SISTERS' WEEK OFF!!!

This SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY AT 4PM EST @PsychoGoldfish and I will be interviewing @Tombdude, @JunDev, and @Prutte to discuss the brilliant Pixel Day game project brought to you out of a love for dialogue, collecting, Newgrounds, and original characters. It has super solid gameplay T.T

I've personally put in a bunch of time, and collected all the neat 'lil characters except for one.


cover art by @nightbuggg

So, yeah!! Extra work, extra content, extra interviews, extra... stuff?

Yeah. TheNewgroundsPodcast, everyone. We live to please.




Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - February 4th, 2021


Big news: Our podcast is officially on YouTube!

Every episode is there, and new ones will be uploaded shortly after they are released on NG and your podcast platform of choice.

Feast your eyes, internet!