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*BREAKING NEWS* Spaghetti company threatens to sue NG

Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - March 26th, 2021


After a controversial moment on the latest episode of The Newgrounds Podcast, in which notable public figure @TomFulp made remarks about Spaghetti being "boring" and encouraged others to join him in disparaging the classic Italian dish, the International Society of Spaghetti has taken legal action. As of today they have pledged to sue the website for approximately $1,948,230, or quote, "a dollar for every noodle uneaten due to this unnecessary slander". Will the matter be settled out of court, or will Fulp be forced to, as the saying goes, put his money where his mouth is? Stay tuned to NGP for continuing updates on this spicy meat-a-ball of a story.

Update: Fulp has issued a statement on the matter:


More news unlikely to follow.

A bit of slowness after St. Pattie's, but we're not gone!

Hey guys, Will here. It's been a little slow this week, in one part because our last "episode" was the St. Patrick's Day stream that apparently lasted four hours. I'm jealous of everyone who got to participate in that. i think I popped in for a second, but for the most part I had to sit out due to a mysterious little rock that decided to make a road trip from Kidney City to Peepee Village. I have to say this journey has so far been Not Fun™, but hopefully it'll be done soon and I can go back to making podcasts and stuff without thinking about it!

If you're reading this on the day I'm posting it (Fri 3/26), then I can tell you we'll be hosting a little casual recording this weekend. I'm looking forward to it! If you're reading this after it's already happened: How was it?

Okay that's all, happy Newgroundsing!



Comments (12)

Venice Wright; Ace Italian

Spaghetti companies stay upsetti.

This case seems saucpisously rigatonied against our Bavetted site

I can't believe Tom said that shit... U__U

Oh sh*t, it's friday? Whoops ^^;

I cannot believe Tom insulted puhskinti day.

Take care!

Don mes with the Pastaroni familia! They will mes you up!

looks like ISS are gonna have their outlandish cases handed back to em served with garlic bread and ragu

Finally, someone reacted to my god-level joke, an absolute epitome of all humour, an Excalibur of irony. If more people saw my joke, world hunger might just stop existing. People who don't understand the joke, I'm sorry, it is a real shame. This magnum opus of comedy has transcended all planes, and in conclusion, was kinda funny I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

Hahaha i love this

Newgrounds evolves into Tom Fulps spaghetti