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Podcast FAQ

Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - February 22nd, 2020

updated 10/7/2020

What is The Newgrounds Podcast?

From the minds behind 🧀 CHEESE WORLD 🧀, Smile Factory, and Mario Cartoon comes the one, the only, the definitive Newgrounds community podcast! Every week a roundup of knowledgeable and hilarious (citation needed) hosts (that's us) come together to talk site news, recent submissions, forum happenings and just about everything else this wonderful website has to offer. Not only that, but we’re hosting interviews all over the place with Newgrounds artists both old and new.

Who hosts the podcast?

We are @shal, @heyopc, and @Droid!

What's the show format?

Each week, a couple of us get together to talk NG events, news, and content. Sometimes a show regular or guest host will sit in with us. Depending on the episode, we might feature an extended interview with a NG-adjacent artist, shorter segments with up-and-coming artists and project leaders, pre-edited clips, audience games, and seriously who knows what else. It's packed with content and super fun.

How often is NGP recorded/released?

NGP records once a month, usually on the weekends. Specific dates and times are always announced a few days in advance via Twitter and Discord. The recordings are then edited into clean and polished (lol) episodes that get released the following Friday.

Where can I listen to released episodes?

First: Right here on Newgrounds!

But also, these podcast apps:

How can I be in the audience?

NGP is recorded in a public voice channel in the NGP Discord server. Announcements will always be made on the server and on Twitter a few days prior to recordings with show and time details, so if you can make it we’d love to have you listening in live! As an audience member, you’ll be muted in the voice channel but free to listen and chime in via chat. And yeah, we might totally bring you on for a game or something.

Follow us @TheNGPodcast for the latest details!

What is Art Talks? Is it a separate show?

Art Talks is a show hosted within The Newgrounds Podcast, which basically means that it's its own show with its own format and style, but it's recorded on the NGP Discord and released on our channels. Join the intrepid @Xinxinix as he explores the wide, wide world of internet art -- with the help of several special guests!




You should have me as a guest cos I am not funny, and sound like shit.

Rotating hosts really is a smooth recipe for keeping things going a long time, maybe this one'll actually last a decade at least... so far so good!

i fllllllippin love the newgrounds podcast!!!!!!!!!!