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Funky Friday Updates

Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - March 12th, 2021


@PsychoGoldfish here with your Friday update! Man we have been busy here on the podcast.

Last week @Xinxinix and I got to hang out with @heyopc and talk about his rap career, amongst other things. Dude is cool as hell, and you should definitely check out his work (which is jam packed with collaborations with other great NG'ers).

That episode is taking a little longer to release because we got really sidetracked and needed to give it a lot of extra editing, but look for it VERY SOON!

Last night, I had @TomFulp and @JohnnyUtah (until he got bored of nerd talk and bailed on us) on as co-hosts as we talked to a bunch of participants from the Flash Forward Game Jam.

It was a multi-part interview where we talked with @Dungeonation, @BrandyBuizel, @Butzbo, @D-Sun, @Matt-Likes-Swords, @BoMToons and @BillPremo about their experiences with the jam, reminiscing about Flash and considering what Ruffle means for the future for Flash developers.

@Xinxinix popped in for the second half of the show with a bunch more questions, and turned it into a double-length episode!

After the show, there was a pretty good hang with some other Q&A, so if you weren't there live, YOU MISSED OUT! DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

We did have a pretty large crowd. More people than I could count tuned in via our Discord, and we had a second, smaller crowd watching via our YouTube channel, where we decided to simulcast for the first time!

If you want to learn a little more abut the Flash Forward Jam, both @BoMToons and @Dungeonation have some fun post mortems on their news pages you should check out!

You should also check out ALL of the Jam games! I have it on good authority the winners will be announced VERY soon.

Next week is going to be a banger too. Sunday is the deadline for the Friday Night Funkin' Animation Jam, and we've already got a TON of awesome submissions.

Wednesday is St Patrick's Day. Last year we threw a spontaneous episode together while all the hosts (except that lame-ass @ninjamuffin99) got drunk. That was actually MY first appearance as a host, so THIS IS MY ANIVERSAY!!! Will it happen again this year? WHO KNOWS?!?!?!


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Yes but how tall IS @heyopc ???

Thanks for having us all on! I had a blast!