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NGPR is back! On the Newgrounds RADIO! + Radio Schedule

Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - September 2nd, 2022


Newgrounds Public Radio is back!

And the new radio is live too! (:

And we've got a great show for YOU not tonight, but Tomorrow morning from when this post is made lol. Hey everyone, Aaron, Chris, and Shal here to tell you all that the New Newgrounds Radio is up and running and we've got a bunch of awesome shows for you to tune into every week!

And starting tomorrow, we have a playlist of cool songs from different Newgrounds games playing all freakin' day. Every day you can expect now a different genre of randomized music to play up until one of the awesome many Newgrounds shows' air. You can see what type of songs and what shows will be broadcasted on the schedule below!

Have some songs you want aired? A playlist even? We're looking to take your recommendations! Send us a direct message on the Newgrounds Podcast account (this one) and we'd love to either add your song to a mix or broadcast your playlist on a special day! Speaking of special day, we also encourage you to DM us your birthday's for special birthday wishes to be broadcasted on the Newgrounds Radio on a hopefully daily basis. You may also DM us for questions and suggestions.

Huge massive special thanks to @brentheman ! If you did not know, Bren is the talent responsible for the Radio and the reason why we were able to update the radio in general. Without Bren, nothing like this would have been possible. Seriously. Message Bren and tell him thank you. Message Bren and tell him he's the best.

Also thanks @TomFulp for letting us do this and helping us out!

And @PsychoGoldfish for moral and loving support and letting us eat his barbecue food and giving us NGP lol

If you missed the NGP featuring Tom Fulp, that's okay! We're going to upload it to Newgrounds very soon!

Special Editor @dogl is working hard on editing the episode! Dogl will also be hosting a wicked cool new show on the radio for you Rock / Metal fans! Dogl's Rock Hard Radio is coming really soon and hopefully its not as nauseating as it sounds..... And if you didn't already see, @maxxjamez will be hosting Maxx In The Morning for you Rap & Hip Hop fans.

And if you just woke up from a coma, @Droid, @Heyopc, and @Shal took over the Newgrounds Podcast as hosts about a month ago and we're also the guys who host the Newgrounds Public Radio. Get used to seeing our stupid fucking faces everywhere! All of our artwork was created by @poptaffy! Love and support him as well. Please DM him thanks and kisses. @Shal will also be hosting the show Jazzgrounds for your nightly bebops and braps. Jazz Music and music that sounds like Jazz. Expect Newgrounds Public Radio every Saturday Morning at 10am EST. Expect Newgrounds Podcast whenever.

If you want to listen live in the discord, you can find the server here:


If you want to support the show, you can here:


I think that's it, hopefully I'm not missing anything. Oh yeah and schedule subject to change (maybe)...





I was very surprised to know that it was live, when it was being discussed in chat yesterday. Even though it's objectively mundane (since it's "basically" twitch but audio), it felt like living in the future.

Glad to see this thing back on its proverbial two feet again!

Shoot. I miss the Tom Fulp interview. Will it be upload later?

Yes! @dogl is working on editing the audio so that we can upload it asap!



Very nice ^~^ Tuned in now and enjoying it


Proud of you all and thanks for all the thoughtfulness and hard work!

pls upload all the episodes so i can listen to them in my own time ('cause ya know, timezones and stuff)

Should be up real soon!

this is insanely cool

@MindChamber you're insanely cool

can you upload that last podcast now

DM our editor @dogl and tell him to hurry his ass up!

@TheNewgroundsPodcast yay!

@TheNewgroundsPodcast ok ok

its genuinely cool that the ng radio went from this: https://web.archive.org/web/20150316023816/https://www.newgrounds.com/radio, to what it is now. This is an really awesome update and it might get more people using the radio (even me!)

All Right! :D

This is likely a stupid (and already answered) question, but I wanted to know this :
Is there a radio thingie where the community can send their tracks / songs they like from other Newgrounds users to chill to it ? Seems like a fun little idea

When you upload the most recent radio im bored XD