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2/19: Pelo, MAD SISTERS, Mutt & Chops, we busy

Posted by TheNewgroundsPodcast - February 19th, 2021

Hey everyone, @Will here with another round of FRIDAY MORNING NEWSPOSTIN'.

I remember at the beginning of the month, we were all like, "Hey, we should reach our feelers out a bit and wrangle up some cool guests and segments, remember how we only posted two episodes in January and one was kind of just a recap one?" So we all finished our meeting and said "BREAK!" and went off to schedule a kickass February. And now, at the two-thirds point of this short month, I can safely say we're killing it.

First off, @VoicesByCorey and I's recent interview episode with @SrPelo was a blast. Like I wrote in the author's notes, he's just the coolest guy and talking to him about literally anything is super fun. (Besides the obvious stuff, we talked about the following and more: hot weather, tee ball, drawing naked, shitpost Twitter, milk, dancing, dildos, Arin Hanson, shrimp, and sleeping with plushies. Also Corey auditioned to be an understudy for Mokey. Break a leg, Corey. Drink plenty of milk.)

After editing and releasing the episode, I'm really stoked to see it do so well, but I mean, it's Pelo we're talking about here. Dude's got a more enthusiastic and supportive fanbase than friggin Justin Beiber. Is that a dated reference yet? IDK.

Here's the episode on NG and YT:

Do you like the YouTube thumbnail art? I took the chance a few days ago to make a nice thumbnail template for interview episodes. I'm probably gonna go back and re-thumbnail some of bigger episodes from the past. Or maybe all of them? I probably need to make a thumbnail template for non-interview eps too. That's the thing about projects like NGP, man, you tackle one project and three more sprout in its place. Like a hydra. Hail Hydra.

ANYWAY. Right after we recorded with Pelo, @Xinxinix was suddenly like, "Hey, I'm getting the dev team from this game called MAD SISTERS' WEEK OFF to be on a recording this Sunday!"

And @PsychoGoldfish was like, "I'm in!" And just like that, we had ourselves a double header show weekend.

That recording was apparently also a blast, and the episode is now available here:

As with all episodes, the Newgrounds version is here first. Episodes always go to NG first (home team represent) and then filter through to your favorite podcast platforms a few hours later, a day tops. Then the video is generated and we get the YouTube version up two or three days after the initial release.

And finally, what's next? Well you're not gonna have to wait long for more content, because PsychoGoldfish just announced his own interview episode that's gonna be recording LIVE tomorrow (2/20) at 4:00pm EST:


He'll be chatting with @AlmightyHans, @Eiomaru and @TomaMoto, who are together responsible for the live-action apocalyptic adventure MUTT and CHOPPS:

That's gonna be fun. I know PsychoGoldfish already has a fun relationship with these guys, so I'm looking forward to them coming together and bantering about whatever. They might even get to talking about MUTT and CHOPPS.

Remember, we tell you the date and time of these recordings because we're inviting you to be in the audience! All episodes are recorded LIVE on our Discord server.

One more thing before I'm off: tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of NGP's first episode!


That's wild to me. Also, look at that temp podcast logo that's clearly ripping off NPR:



Just went through the old episodes, and it looks like we used this up until Episode #10 with Scumhouse. Lol.

Well, that's all for now! Enjoy the show with Hans and the gang this weekend, and stay tuned!



Comments (2)

I never saw that the OG logo was an NPR joke. That's pretty funny

Keep up the good work guys! :)